The wines of Bulgaria, Romania and Moldova

The wines of Bulgaria, Romania and Moldova front cover

The wines of Bulgaria, Romania and Moldova

By: Caroline Gilby MW

Publication date: July 2018
ISBN-13 (print): 9781906821883
ISBN-13 (e-book): 9781910902813

This first book devoted to Eastern Europe’s most important wine-producing countries provides detailed information on the region’s wine production history, climate and geography, and analyses the parts played by culture and politics in the development of these wine industries. Wine styles, important grape varieties and key wineries are detailed.

OIV Awards Prize 2020, Wines and Territories Category

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Eastern Europe is the last undiscovered gem of the wine world. Over the last thirty years three countries, Bulgaria, Romania and Moldova have been working hard to escape the legacy of communism. For all three the regimes that took hold after the Second World War affected their wine industries profoundly, with state farms favouring mechanization and mass production over care and quality. Recent decades have seen a huge switch in attitudes following privatization, with more focus on quality and reconnecting people with the land to rebuild these historic wine industries for today’s wine drinkers.

Bulgarian wine’s fall in sales in the West due to the rising popularity of New World wines, Moldova’s economic crisis at the hands of a Russian ban on Moldovan wine and Romania’s need to counter imports from foreign producers as tastes in wine change have forced wineries to rethink their approaches to viticulture and winemaking. Instead of production lines of anonymous wines, makers now focus on creating authentic regional wines using local and international varieties and modern techniques.

In The wines of Bulgaria, Romania and Moldova, Eastern European wine expert Caroline Gilby MW presents the wine stories of these three connected but distinct countries as one who has witnessed the vast changes as they happened. The cultures of the three countries, their complex and troubled histories and their roads to recovery are profiled here along with details of the geography, climate, grapes grown and, most importantly, the producers working to revive and reinvent their respective wine industries.

For those who seek something new beyond the traditional wines of Western Europe or who find New World wines losing their thrill The wines of Bulgaria, Romania and Moldova is an inspirational introduction to a wine world waiting to be explored.

Pages: 374
Language: English
Publisher: Infinite Ideas
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Caroline Gilby MW

Caroline Gilby set out to be a scientist but after one degree in botany and another in horticulture, she changed tracks and joined Augustus Barnett as a trainee wine buyer in 1988, working for them for seven years and becoming a MW in 1992. In 1995 Caroline started her own business as an independent consultant and freelance wine writer. She provides wine consultancy to a range of clients, from major international PLCs to small boutique wineries. Caroline is a member of the Circle of Wine Writers and contributes to magazines including Decanter, Harpers, Revija Vino and Meininger’s Wine Business International. She also writes for Hugh Johnson’s Pocket Wine Book and has contributed to The Oxford Companion to Wine, World Atlas of Wine, The Wine Opus, Wine Report and Wines of the World.

Caroline judges regularly at international wine competitions including being appointed Panel Chair for Hungary at Decanter’s World Wine Awards in 2011, later adding the rest of Central and Eastern Europe to her responsibilities. She has been President of the Vinistra Wine competition since 2014 and frequently judges in Eastern Europe. Outside wine, she can usually be found in her garden, running long distances to keep the wine trade and its generous hospitality at bay, or out with her horse.